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Turkey Cooperatives, Commerce and Office Workers' Union KOOP-İŞ,  the Trade Unions Act No.  2821 "Commercial,  Office, Education and Fine Arts, marked as" a labor union activities is the branch nmbr:10.  


Koop-is Union,is a member of the Turkish Trade Union Confederation (TURK-IS).

Koop-Is affiliated of UNI Global UNION and UNI-EUROPA member at  the international arena

At our last elections, Koop-Is Execute Committee ;President Eyup ALEMDAR, General Secretary Metin GUNEY, Financial Secretary Mehmet KARAARSLANOĞLU and Organizing and Education Secretary Osman AKSOY have been elected.

According to the latest Labour and Social Security Ministry Statistics, Koop-Is has 46157 members all around the Turkey

Koop-is Union increased members since 2003 at especially private sector.

Koop-is Union; is organized at Praktiker, land office workers, Provincial Special Administration, 43 Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation, Universities, Agricultural Cooperatives, Republic of Turkey Ministry  of National Education, General Directorate Of Security Affairs and some trade unions.

 There is the list we organized below.

  • The Central Union of Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives,
  • The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, 
  • Praktiker,
  • The Oilseeds & Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union of Thrace
  • TAREKS Agricultural Products Import & Export Co. Ltd,  
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Education,
  • General Directorate of Social Assistance and Solidarity,
  • General Directorate of Security Affairs,
  • Turkey Maritime Organization,  
  • Union of Service for Mayors  
  • Beet  Planters Cooperative Union,
  • The General Directore of Innovation and Education Technologies,
  • Kupa Food Co.,
  • Kocaeli Expo,
  • Black Sea Oil Seeds Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union,  
  • Taris Figs, Raisins,
  • Cotton and Oil Seeds Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Unions,
  • Turkish Maritime Foundation,
  • The General Directorate of Eti Mine,
  • Social Security and Labour Education and Research Central,
  • Erciyes University,
  • Gaziantep University,
  • Gazi University,
  • Yuzuncu Yil University,
  • Sutcu Imam University,
  • Korkut Ata University,
  • İzmir Institute of Technology,
  • Railway Workers Union,
  • Post Office Telegraph, Telephone, Radio and Television Workers Union,
  • Energy, water and gas workers Union,
  • Sugar Industry Workers Union,
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