Why Unions?
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A union in the workplace provides a voice for employees


Hard working men and women are seeing their way of life on the verge of collapse as health insurance costs skyrocket, pensions disappear, and real wages stagnate.  The future of working families depends on a united voice that can stand up to powerful interests.

Unions empower workers by uniting people with common goals. When people advocate as one, they are more powerful and can accomplish more than as individuals.

Union workers have the right to negotiate with their employer over wages, hours, benefits and working conditions. Without a union, management makes all the decisions alone.

Union workers negotiate and organize for improvements as a unified group instead of as individuals. When we work together, this collective force translates into more power and a better chance of getting our voices heard.

Union Benefits
When workers stick together as a union, they have bargaining power and a collective voice that they simply do not have when they are not unionized.  Being a member of a union not only gives you a better position to get better wages, benefits and working conditions, you also get job security. 

Non-union workers have limited rights and can be fired “at-will”, for no reason.  Just because your boss is having a bad day and decides he/she doesn’t want you around anymore. Non-union workers also find that the rules can change at the whim of the employer. 

  • One day you have paid holidays and vacations and next week you don’t;
  • A raise is promised but never given;
  • You’ve got too many hours one week but the next you’re not making enough to get by. 

Resources: http://feaweb.org/why-union http://www.ufcw.org/organizing/why_union/index.cfm

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