General Secretary Metin Güney: IKEA Employer is committing Crime, now we are where words failed. We will go on legal actions
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Koop-Is General Secretary Metin Guney made a press statement about IKEA Turkey Mapa’s pressure on organizing workers. Guney: “For a long time our union is organizing at IKEA Turkey Stores. But IKEA employer is going on pressure, threat and intimidation and making resign our members. Lately especially Ümraniye Store and Ankara Store the pressure, intimidation, and dismiss threat by using different ways are increased.


The employer prevent union organizing and openly committing crime


To protest irreconcilable attitudes of employer who also refused our social dialogue call Our union has made a massive action in front of Umraniye IKEA Store. But the employer is going on their irreconcilable attitudes. Koop-Is will go on its actions and will win organizing struggle. Our struggle will go on until our organizing campaign will complete and will sign a collective agreement with IKEA.


Your rights can be secure with collective agreement


I’d like to make a call to all IKEA workers: “you are not alone! Koop-Is union always will be with you to save your rights and to make your rights secure. As you know IKEA employer started to give some small rights. It must be known that all these rights started to be given after our organizing drive gained speed. Only with collective agreement the rights can be increase and can be secure.


Now Koop-Is Union is where words failed


One more time we’d like to warn IKEA Turkey. We are going to start our actions especially at Ankara and at other stores in a short time within the limits of the law and Turkish Republic Constitution. We’d like to call that our actions will be stronger and continuous. We’ll publish our action days in a short time. Our actions will not end until IKEA Employer will stop pressure and will sit collective bargaining table.


At last, IKEA workers will win!


We will success this struggle with IKEA workers. We will start collective agreement negotiations after moving up organizing. We are so close to the majority, there is no doubt about this. I’d like to invite all IKEA workers to complete this process in a short time to sit Collective bargaining table with IKEA employer.


Press announcement 

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